PDF | Duane Griffin and others published What Curiosity in the Structure: The surmount” () that his hollow Earth theory sought to explain. The Hollow Earth is a historical concept proposing that the planet Earth is entirely hollow or . John Cleves Symmes' theory as an explanation for the hollow Earth they sail into. .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Groundbreaking. ______ Dr. Rae Gene Our Hollow Earth A Rational Defense of the Hollow Earth Theory negatecit(y) negatecit(y) counterfeit distributed by.

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Is there a hole in the shell of the hollow earth through which flying saucers from that said that Euler also endorsed a hollow earth theory, and that Fyfield's map. Peter Fitting, author of Subterranean Worlds: A Critical Anthology, explores Holberg's book in the wider context of the hollow earth theory. claimed that the earth was hollow, with openings at the poles and that in its interior we understand the new geographical theory of a Hollow Earth, which is the.

He points to many galaxies as proof of the central sun, saying that it is a celestial normality to have a central nucleus with matter projecting and rotating around it. The only solution is to question everything. This comes from a general lack of public knowledge about the studies being done in this realm.

There have been numerous books and studies published on this matter from a variety of sources, and though some contain useful knowledge and legitimizing scientific explanations for how this system might work, many others can be easily debunked.

What we do know is that there are a number of scientific inconsistencies in our understanding of how the world works. The structure itself resembles a hollow earth with an energy source like the internal sun inside of it, with all of the living components on the inside crust of the circle. Dyson suggests that this system is the best way to optimize the energy output from the primary energy source the internal sun , and that the inhabitants of the inside-circle can get far more energy from that than from our conventional way of thinking about how we get solar energy surface living.

Indeed, with Julian Assange and Wikileaks continuing to make headlines, it is no longer a fringe or far-fetched idea that worldwide authorities are keeping secrets from the people. Bernard and others contend that Byrd and other explorers were Surely, the prevalence of Wikileaks and other organizations such silenced in the public arena, but that their discoveries have been as the Sunshine Project a massive project aimed at declassifying secret expanded upon and used for decades by authorities worldwide.

One last great bastion of rigorous mania that has yet to be adequately breached and subjected to rational, credible criticism is the phenomenon of "sciences.

This is why we find astonishingly has effectively become a tool of those in power—a means to win the preserved and new Megalodon skeletons and exotic tropical pollens support of and pacify the academics, the nihilists and the materialists.

The Hollow Earth Theory and an Expedition to the Arctic

Regardless of whether or not you believe that propped up by the backing authority for as long as the discoveries there is indeed a race of superhumans living inside, there is certainly being made, released and taught are of use to them. Indeed, without the enough consistent eyewitness data and theory to merit continued study. And yet Just as important as maintaining control of the means of there have been no major investigations into this subject in modern discovery-and-release, however, is the unflinching and ever-vigilant science…that we know of.

This is done first by covering up and downloading-out all Poles were made in times of great conflict. Nations spied on one available tangible proof of these discoveries, or by closing the another extensively and went to great lengths to protect their secrets. Once this is done, the government begins a Therefore, if anything were discovered of this magnitude, it would vicious smear campaign and begins ridiculing and maligning the never have become public knowledge because the first nation to discovery and all associated parties.

Stories of a Hollow Earth

In doing so, they are able to discover and unlock the secrets of the hollow earth would want to fully discredit and silence all dissenting opinions and discoveries, leaving the use it to their advantage. In order to do that, the discovering nation must have kept it a The only solution is to question everything.

We must assume that secret from everyone. This would involve top secret investigation and our government-backed system of education has lied to us in the same study, and any large-scale operations needed to continue study would way that they lied to us about so many other things.

Many of 4 these discoveries are those that the worldwide authority found too radical, too dangerous and too threatening to the status-quo that science is supposed to aid in maintaining. In the following pages, therefore, I urge the reader to abandon their preconceived notions about the truths they think they might know.

The reader must accept that all that we know comes from a top- down educational system designed to keep the status quo, and that this agenda skews and biases all discoveries and lesson plans made on modern scientific theory.

With this in mind, we see that there is, in fact, no parties.

Though legend and lore had told stories of it for centuries, Byrd theory too radical so as to make it beyond examination, beyond and other explorers beginning to penetrate the permanent ice of the critique, beyond reason. North and South Poles finally began finding legitimate proof of this revolutionary idea. Most theories surrounding this say that the earth is filled with green vegetation and animals of some sort. Some contend that there is a race of human-like creatures or superhumans inhabiting the hollow core of the planet, and that these are the entities that have been piloting Unidentified Flying Objects around the planet.

The Ancestral Myth of the Hollow Earth and Underground Civilizations

Bernard and radio commentator Frank Edwards maintain that this race of superhumans within the earth were perfectly content until humanity began toying with nuclear weapons and, for the first time, presented a serious threat to the physical planet as a whole. In the face of such terrifying, life- altering change, often a simple narrative can be comforting. Byrd, born in to the descendents of one of the First Families of Virginia; an illustrious and extraordinarily rich family in Richmond, Virginia.

His education and field expertise landed him a position in navigating the first transatlantic single-manned flight, then was assigned command of the Josephine Ford in the first air flight over the North Pole. Nordic explorer the Caucasus Mountains.

Stories of a Hollow Earth

He noted that there were multiple unexplored Bernt Balchen, cartographer Dennis Rawlins and later Colonel William cavern entrances nearby that were of an unknown depth and size. This seems to correspond to when hundreds saw lights of Everlasting Mystery. The story gets even stranger.

With World War II quickly All of these are from reputable and credible sources, but this only approaching, most other high-ups in the military were mobilizing and scratches the surface. Consider that many have never come forth with preparing weapons and supplies for coming conflict.

Byrd took a their experiences or theories on the matter because they either a different route. He made two successful cartographic trips of unknown understood the risks involved and were scared away from publishing, intent to Antarctica in and before being invited or b did not come from a privileged enough background to be able to by the Nazi Administration to their Antarctic Study Project in sufficiently write out and publish their findings. This indicates that the Neuschwabenland—a Nazi-administrated territory near Queen Maud idea of a hollow earth is not a fringe or isolated idea, but a oft-sighted Land still owned by Norway.

Political pressure and an uncertainty of and theorized scientific possibility — but one that presents a distinct purpose led to Byrd declining, but it inspired him to embark on his danger to the authority. However, a recall to duty at the outbreak of war forced him to postpone this journey until after the war.

This remains, to date, the largest mobilization of troops onto the continent ever. Governments would topple-money and credit would vanish. John Cleves Symes Jr. President least-populated places on earth raise some questions. The mission was John Quincy Adams approved of this, however left office before it supposed to take 6 to 9 months, but after 4 months the expeditionary could occur.

Andrew Jackson came into the Presidency as the force was loaded back onto the ships and shipped home.

What they did expedition was about to occur, and inexplicably cancelled the trip and there remains largely a mystery. You may also recall the Sound Station. If now we can produce enough other evidence to prove that the earth is double, then we have shown why it is flattened at the poles.

The fact that the earth is flattened at the poles is not any proof that the earth is double, or hollow. It only shows that the shape of the earth is not only favorable to such a condition, but absolutely necessary, and gives a good foundation with which to start. IF the earth be hollow--and I contend it is--that fact accounts for the sun not being visible for so long a time near the pole.

As the sun strikes the earth obliquely near the poles in winter, only a slight depression would be required to shut it out entirely during the winter months; shut out until it got high enough to shine on that part of the earth more directly, or, as would be termed in more southern latitudes, higher in the skies.

The farther one advanced into the interior, the longer would be the night. Were the earth solid and round, I am of the opinion that the sun could be seen nearly, if not quite, every day in the year. When Nansen saw what he called the mirage of the sun, and took it for the real sun--several days too soon for its appearance--he was much disappointed, as the Fram must have drifted south considerably since he took his last observation.

If a few days' drifting could make such a difference in the sun's arrival, would not the traversing of several thou-sands of miles be a cause for shutting out the sun for several months? It has been supposed, heretofore, that the farther north one got, the longer would be the night.

That is true, in one sense; for, in going into the interior, travelers must go north until they reach the farthest point; but long before they do they will have sunk a long way into the earth, or from where they would have been had they traveled the same distance if the earth were solid and round.

For example: if you are living in a valley, the sun rises later and sets earlier than on a mountain: the entrance to the earth can be represented as a deep valley, and the farther one advances the deeper it becomes.

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Let us propound this problem in another shape.One man entered the tunnel and never returned. Skip to main content.

Our Hollow Earth [] The story gets even stranger. What we do know is that there are a number of scientific inconsistencies in our understanding of how the world works.