Elements of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. ELEMENTS OF. download Elements of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Notes eBook by PDF Online from VTU eLearning. Related Engineering 1st SEM Books. Elements of Civil Engineering () - Teaching and Examination Scheme, Content, Reference Books, Course Outcome, Study Material.

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Elements of Civil Engg. & Engg. Mechanics (10CIV13). Sl. No. The American Society of Civil Engineers defines civil engineering as “ the PDF = KN. Hence all important aspects of civil engineering are taught as elements of civil engineering in all Author hopes that students and faculty will receive this book Basic Civil Engineering Ebook & Lecture Notes PDF Download. The book has been divided into 5 sections namely Engineering Materials, subjects ELEMENTS OF CIVIL ENGINEERING/BASIC CIVIL ENGINEERING and .

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Male City: Hence all important aspects of civil engineering are taught as elements of civil engineering in all over the world. It covers entire syllabus on Basic Civil Engineering. The author has tried to make it students friendly by providing neat sketches and illustrations with practical problems, wherever necessary.

Author hopes that students and faculty will receive this book whole-heartedly.

Corrections, if any and suggestions for improvement are welcome. Please click on the link below to download the Ebook on Basics Of civil Engineering. Similar Threads: The knowledge of surveying and levelling enables the engineer to decide the alignment of tunnels, which become necessary when the road or railway transportation is to be done through the hilly regions.

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Water Resources Engineering Water is such a commodity that it is vital for the existence of mankind. Human beings, animals and plants require water for their survival.

Surface water is easy and economical to harness, however, its availability cannot be relied upon continuously since it varies with the season. Water Resources Engineering can be defined as the science which deals with the subject of tapping water either from the surface or subsurface sources.

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A water resource is such a vast subject that it includes in itself hydrology, irrigation, hydraulics and water supply. Tremendous volume of water is stored in the earths crust. According to one estimate the total volume stored under the surface of earth may be about 80 million km cube, half of which may be at depths less than m.

The use of surface water for irrigation is likely to create problems like waterlogging in certain areas.

Groundwater is obtainable all the year round and its use along with the surface water keeps the subsoil water level within reasonable limits. The judicious use of water for purposes of irrigation has gained such importance in the recent times that water management has become a science in itself.

Engineers have learnt to tame the water resources by construction of dams, construction of bore wells and construction of hydroelectric plants for the benefit of mankind. Environmental Engineering This is an important branch of civil engineering which covers both water supply and sanitary engineering. The importance of clean environment was felt with the rapid growth in population, and the growth in urbanization and industries.

Environment is polluted through the mediums of air, water or such other agents. The science of civil engineering deals with the subject of tapping water from different sources, testing its quality, purification processes and distribution of water to the consumers.

Similarly the environmental engineering encompasses the subject of treatment of wastes which originate from different sources and deals with the removal of harmful substances in these wastes by different processes. Examination Scheme in marks.

Reference Books. Punmia, Er.

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Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr. Arun Laxmi Pub. Course Outcome. Subject List.

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About Us. For Others.Transportation Engineering: The angle of friction for two contacting surfaces is the angle between the resultant R of friction force F and the normal reaction N and the normal reaction N. The friction reaction with the wall will be acting at fw from the normal to the contact surface of wall and block. A general view of a transporter bridge is shown in Figure 1.

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Hence to reduce the cost of construction and to increase the strength. The different terms of importance are as follows: At C, weight of N is a suspended. The subgrade or the formation functions as a support to the road surface and its foundation.