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Banglore all BMTC bus route number and destination, platform numbers with . Bangalore Local Bus Timing and routes PDF Download can be downloaded. Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates different types of buses on different routes within the city as well to some areas. If you travel in bus then this is the only app that you need. Not affiliated with BMTC. Read more. Collapse. Reviews. Review Policy. total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Organisational Factors : Pressure to avoid error, completion of task in limited time, work overload, demanding and insensitive section commander and unplanned workers are a few examples of organisational factors.

Poor inter-personnel relationship and lack of support from colleagues can cause considerable stress especially among persons with high social need. These could be marital difficulties, family issues, economic problems, inherent personality characteristics, medical problems of relatives etc that create stress for employees when they arrive at work. Effects of Stress: Stress may have both positive and negative effects. The positive stress is called as Eustress.

Eustress is often viewed as a motivator which helps in taking action to get things accomplished. All rights reserved.

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Behavioral scientists are of the opinion that stress has behavioral, cognitive and physiological consequences. Behavioral outcomes may be satisfaction, performance, absenteeism, turnover, accidents, substance abuse etc. Cognitive outcomes may be poor decision — making, lack of concentration, forgetfulness etc.

Finally, physiological outcome may be increased blood, high cholesterol, heart disease, burnout etc. Causes of Accidents: The causes of the accidents may be divided into two types: Human Factors, and Environmental Factors. These factors are as follows: Human Factors: Carelessness, Intoxication, Daydreaming, Inability to do the job, Other human deficiencies can be considered as Human factors Environmental Factors: Other than human factors are environmental factors.

Environmental factors may be Tools, Equipment, General work environment, Condition of plant. Effects of Accidents: The occurrence of accidents harms the person and the property.

There are mainly three types of harms causes by accidents. Fatality: In the United States, for example, the definition used in the Fatality Analysis Reporting System FARS is death of a person within 30 days of a crash on a US public road involving a vehicle with an engine, the death being the result of the crash. Injuries: Minor injuries, which can be cured in a short period and Major injuries, which require a long time to heal. Usually small injuries are not at all reported, hence it is very difficult to know the exact number of minor injuries.

Property Damage: vehicles involved in the crash gets damaged in many accidents. In some cases building and other infrastructure also gets damaged due to the impact of a crash. Importance of Public Transport in Bengaluru Bengaluru is the 5th largest city in India and one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

As per report, the population is about 62 lakhs and the city covers about sq. This has led to congestion on roads, increased travelling time, pollution level and other related problems on Bengaluru roads. Increasing fuel prices is expected to add to the agony of Bangaloreans. Good public transport system can improve the conditions and can contribute to the growth of the city.

BMTC is the fourth biggest Public City Transport Corporation in India, catering the needs of passengers with cost effective and reliable public transportation. There are 31 depots operating more than buses in schedules covering An organization which is realizing a good profit has given employment to more than 22, people.

The only profit9 making public sector urban transport corporation in the country, uses returns in operations in a strive to improve quality of service not only in providing comfort to the travelling public but also in other vital aspects like containing pollution, easing traffic congestion, saving fuel, introducing latest technologies in operations to save precious time and money as it will ultimately benefit the people since it is a public undertaking.

Patrick Sherry et. Parker et al.

In addition, another study, revealed that driver fatigue was a major factor in car driving 9 BMTC Annual Administrative Report accidents but less of a factor in truck driving accidents. Brown : A study by Brown revealed that fatigue played a role in driving accidents.

Bmtc Bus Routes and Numbers

However, this was due to the stress of prolonged and irregular working hours. Thus, despite inconsistent results with the role of fatigue there seems to be some acknowledgment of the role of the unpredictability of work hours as a source of fatigue.

Statement of The Problem: In India very little study has been made on the relationship between stress and accidents in transportation. An attempt has been made here to know the relationship.

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In this study the relationship between stress and accidents is assessed by using statistical tools. Sample: A convenient sample of 30 drivers was considered for the study.

Participants were invited to complete a survey prior to going on duty. Drivers from four depots viz.

A list of drivers who have caused accidents is used for the study. The data for research was collected using a questionnaire designed on 5 point scale to measure different aspects related to stress and accident Some important questions asked included How many injuries have you had in the last 4 years?

How many collisions have you been involved in during the last 4 years? Individuals perceived level of stress, General level of interest in getting along with others, Interest in taking risks or adventure, perceived level of concentration, distraction or lack of attention, opinion about, if the supervisor has established clear safety goals, supervisor has given the individual feedback on their safe job performance, the supervisor is perceived as supportive were measured using questionnaire which contained 5 items for each parameter.

The smallest value is shown Fig 1.

Stress at Home or life 10 8 8 7 6 5 5 4 4 Frequency 2 Std. The maximum score could be 76 for a respondent. But the maximum observed value is 36 with mode equal to 7. This indicates that the stress level at home is very low but with positively skewed distribution. The maximum score could be for a respondent. But the maximum observed value is 99 and minimum is 27 with mode equal to 34 multi-modal case This indicates that the stress level at work due to daily hassles is low but with positively skewed distribution.

The maximum score could be 12 for a respondent.

But the maximum observed value is 08 and minimum is 02 with mode equal to This indicates that the stress level at work due to Inter personal relation is HIGH with positively skewed distribution Fig. The maximum score could be 08 for a respondent.

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Bangalore University ADM Block - Kempegowda Bus Station

Question: What is the distance an Non- AC bus covers per day? Answer: On an average, it covers Km per day. Question: Is it possible to choose the different type of buses?

Answer: It is not possible to choose from the different type of buses. The buses will be branded according to the availability.There are mainly three types of harms causes by accidents.

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