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In fact, time cannot do a thing towards changing your level of being, for change is all on the vertical line where you move to higher or lower levels of your own being. Because change is imminent, we speak of it as infinite imminence; as nearer than near and sooner than now.

The man you would like to be is imminent. He is nearer than near. The ideal you dream of being is sooner than now and is brought into being by a change in your reactions to life. In the Book of Revelations, we are told, "I will give to every being according to his work. Start this work by observing your reactions to life. Remember, your future is not being developed, it already is.

The time track is complete as well as all of the events you can encounter. As you move up or down the level of your being, changes will occur in your life. You are now resting at a certain level. Break these threads by changing your thoughts, for only as you rise within, will you find a corresponding change without. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were of too pure eyes to behold iniquity?

If you were all tenderness? All love? All generosity? Aim for those feelings and then watch your relationship to them. It is here, in the midst of the storms of life, that you work this law. If you identify yourself with an unlovely state, you will find yourself sinking into it. But you can lift up your cross by breaking your automatic, mechanical reactions to life and sacrificing your present level of being.

This message comes, not to bring peace, but a sword.

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It comes to set a man at variance against his brother, father, mother and all the members of his household, for I bring the sword of truth which is the word of God. This word is sharper than any two-edged sword, for it is capable of piercing the soul and spirit.

I am not suggesting that you turn against your earthly relatives, but that you turn against the psychological ideas that govern your behavior and the dominant mood which governs your actions and reactions to life. If, at this moment your feelings are not noble, turn against them, for they are your psychological mother. This is done by putting new feeling in their place. You cannot change your thinking until you change your feeling, and all feelings come from ideas.

A man's enemies are those of his own household which is everything he accepts as true. This sword can pierce, even to the severing of soul and spirit. Be still and say to yourself, with feeling "I AM He.

But you can be reclothed and ascend to a higher level of being when you take up your cross and follow your imagination. Most of us are aimless. We want more than we presently have. We want the other fellow to change, but we don't want to do the one thing that will bring the change about, for we don't want to change self.

In Revelations, John tells us, "I will give to everyone according to his work. Disassociate yourself from your unpleasant thoughts and associate yourself with your aim, thereby rising to its level, for your ideal is on that vertical line you stand upon. Scripture tells us to "Seek and you shall find: Those who go searching for love only make manifest their lovelessness, for you never have to search for what you are!

I am Mary and you are Mary too, for we are forever conceiving of ourselves. The whole of human life is the appeasement of desire, and desire, conceived as fulfilled, will externalize itself. If you are not hungry enough to transcend your present level of consciousness, you will not conceive of anything greater. As long as you are in love with the state you are in, you cannot and will not rise from it. Without the vertical line of states, life would have no meaning. The ancients called this infinite series, Jacob's ladder.

You do not build this ladder, rather you climb it through self-discovery. When you think of another, you are seeing only your opinion of him. If you think he is kind, he is kind. If you think he is stupid, he is stupid as he is playing the part you have assigned him because of your opinion. Therefore, if your desire is for him to change, you must change your opinion of yourself, for "he" is only your opinion pushed out.

Where you are psychologically is what you are; therefore, only associate with the feeling that leads you to the fulfillment of your dreams. And may all of your dreams be noble ones.

The Bible's purpose is to lift the individual up to a higher level of being. This begins in the state of Moses and the discovery of I AM. Then, in the Book of Isaiah, we are told to "Turn back your foot from the sabbath and take delight in the Lord. Now, in order to keep the sabbath, you must cease from having any mental doubt, as the mental foot you stand upon is your belief.

When your mental foot touches the earth, its action is automatic and mechanical. Using your powerful consciousness, begin now to break the mechanical hold it has on your life by turning your thoughts to your fulfilled desire and observe the sabbath. The twins spoken of in scripture symbolize your duality: Abel, the inner you, and Cain, the outer you.

A reversal of order must now occur, for in the New Testament your true identity is revealed as Christ the inner you your hope of glory.

As you walk the earth, see people as they want to be seen, and you are pouring oil on their wounds. But if you do not, you are as the scribes and the Pharisees described in the 23rd Chapter of Matthew, doing their deeds to be seen by men; they preach but do not practice.

In the 3rd Chapter of the Book of John, the story is told of Nicodemus, an intellectual man who believed that if he kept the law of Moses he could enter the kingdom of heaven, yet he was told, "You must be born again, born of water and spirit.

Keeping the law of Moses is not enough. You must experience a change in the level of your being, thereby giving you wisdom in order for you to know rebirth. Your inner talking is the breeding ground of your future, be it lovely or unlovely. This is told us so vividly in the Book of Deuteronomy: And every time you do unto others what you would like done unto you, they are blessed in the doing.

Water is the symbol of psychological truth.

The Power of Awareness

To know the truth is not enough. It must be acted upon, at which time the psychological water turns into wine. Start now to observe all of your unpleasant, negative thoughts and change them, for until you separate yourself from the state from which these thoughts flow, they will continue to cause you to have the same experiences in life. Augustine once said, "O, my God, let me see thee, and if to die is to see thee, then let me die that I may behold thy face. But I will cause my glory to pass by and when I pass by, you shall see my back, but my face you will not see.

It is your power to kill, to make alive, to wound and to heal. It is your imagination which forms the light, makes the good, and creates the evil, and there is no other God. Man is inclined to believe in two powers, one for good and the other for evil, but I tell you there is only one. The "I" in man is he who kills and makes alive, who curses and creates.

Your consciousness of being is the only reality. The self- definition of an absolute state is "I am divine. It is your I AM which cannot be seen. Matthew tells us, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. The heart must be cleared of the belief in a secondary power.

Only when this is done will you be blessed, for you will know the one and only God to be your true self. There is no power outside of you. The same power in you that makes the good, creates the evil.

Start now to free yourself from the belief in two powers, for only then will you be pure in heart and see God. The whole vast universe is nothing more than the response to the consciousness of men. If you believe that the "I" in another is the cause of your displeasure and not your own "I," then you have planted a tree in your mind which is obstructing your view and must be uprooted.

We are told, "No man shall imagine evil in his heart. When your heart is pure, you become a member of the order of Melchizedek. Read the story carefully and you will see that when Abraham slaughtered the kings all of his negative and unlovely ideas , he returned to find Melchizedek, the symbol of the I AM, the being you really are. Learn to discipline your mind, for only the disciplined mind can maintain the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If, what you had imagined has not come into being, it is because you have not severed the ties that bind you to the level where you now stand.

You must break your mechanical reaction to life in order to change your life-track. The only reason for this teaching is to encourage you and push you up the vertical line of the cross. It is very important for you to learn to be uncritical of yourself, for if you are not, you will justify your behavior which will cause you to remain in your present state. But if you will stop being critical, you will stop the negative thoughts that bind you to your present state and move out of it into another.

There are three ways to clear your mind of the trees of traditional wrong thinking and allow you to see God. They are: Man tries to see God by means of little pictures, but God can only be seen through belief in one power. Through uncritical observation, you will encounter your particular state.

If you don't like the role the state requires you to play as it unfolds, stop reacting to it. Until you reach the point where you no longer react, you are not pure enough to see God. When you see Him, you will know Him, as you will be like Him. Establish one "I" within yourself, not a number of "I's. Your belief in powers external to you is a tree which must be rooted out of your mind. Begin now to use this technique and you will realize your every dream.

But first you must have a dream, a desire for something, as desire is your springboard of action. Define your objective. If it were fulfilled now, where would you be physically?

What would the world look like? Would your wife, husband, mother, father, or friends see you differently? Feel their presence: Repeat this act until you have the feeling of accomplishment. Then, having assumed the feeling of completion, remain faithful to it, for your assumption contains within itself all of the plans and power necessary for externalization.

You need do nothing on the outside, for by your assumption, your mind is being rearranged, and what it confirms, it externalizes. Your desire may be for an improvement in your financial position, your social circle, or a deeper understanding of the mystery. The desire is up to you, but when put into practice, this technique will never fail you. The kingdom of heaven, with its many states some lovely and some not so lovely is within you. The state capable of wounding or healing, killing or making alive, is within you.

They are all psychological states, completely furnished and ready to externalize themselves in your world. And, if having entered a particular mansion state , you do not care to remain there, you may leave it by the same technique it was entered - through the act of assumption. It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself and so very difficult to give up this feeling.

But you cannot enter another state until you do. No one can uproot the weeds of self-pity or the trees of so-called second causes for you. You must uproot them yourself. God put Adam in the garden to tend and keep it.

As Adam you fell asleep, but when you awake, you are Christ, the power and the wisdom of God. Start now to observe your reactions to life and do not allow yourself to become identified with any unlovely state. Sacrifice your little hurts, your grievances, and belief in secondary causes. Then you will be blessed, for you will be pure in heart and see God.

Test yourself and you will discover that the fault you see in the other exists in you. Turn to self, and you will find the Christ in you who is your hope of glory. You will know that any secondary cause is a tyrant, and if you believe in an outside power, you are fighting a losing battle. Emerson once said, "Man surrounds himself with the true image of himself, as every spirit builds for itself a house beyond its house, a world beyond its world.

Therefore, build yourself a world as you would like it to be — a world beyond the world now visible to you. The world you desire exists and will unfold itself in great proportions when you, all spirit, surround yourself with the true image of yourself as you would like to be.

Think of your world as a canvas with the pictures painted there by the arrangement of your mind. Your I AMness consciousness has already arranged as many patterns for your canvas as there are people walking the earth. Turn to yourself and, claiming that your desire exists, feel yourself move right into its center. Then paint your canvas of consciousness. Everything is there at your disposal.

Its reality is up to you and the intensity of your desire. Always look to self, for your consciousness is the sole cause of the phenomena of your individual life.

Perhaps you have imagined something which never came to pass and you feel that you failed, but I tell you there is only one cause for failure and that is absence of the feeling of naturalness.

It takes time for an assumption to become a fact, and a desire is fulfilled proportionate to the degree of naturalness of the feeling of possession.

If something does not feel natural to you, it is not your nature. To ask in my name is to ask in my nature or character; therefore, when you ask, you must feel you already are that which you are seeking. It is stupid to seek a thing before you establish its cause. An effect depends upon a state of consciousness, and you cannot find the effect without being its cause. And if you do not feel the naturalness of the desired state, you cannot externalize it, for consciousness is very observable.

Ask yourself how long you have been conscious of being what you want to be. To what extent do you feel its reality now? Matthew tells us, "0, you faithless and perverse generation. How long shall I be with you? I hope so, for without faith it is impossible to achieve anything.

It is the substance of the thing hoped for and the cause of all phenomena.

The word "perverse" means "to turn the wrong way; without aim, fixity or one-pointedness of purpose. But if success is your goal, its mood must be worn until the feeling of being successful is so natural you cannot turn away from it. On the other hand, "importunity" means "brazen impudence. This world moves with the necessity of molding and manifesting the arrangement of the individual's mind. It is important to persist until fulfillment becomes your nature. Changes begin to occur at their moment of naturalness.

Jacob told the Lord, "I will not let you go until you bless me. If you will not take no for an answer but persist in the feeling of your wish fulfilled, you will be blessed with its externalization. Scripture tells of a man whose child was dead, yet when he went to the man of God and asked that the child be made alive once more, it was done unto him. Your ideal, be it for success, health, romance, money or fame, is your child who is dead.

But if you will believe in its life and walk in the assumption that you are successful, healthy or wealthy if that is your desire , your child which sleepeth will rise from the dead state and be made alive in your world. The parable is told of a judge who it is said, "feared not God nor regarded man.

Coming at the midnight hour, she persisted in her request until the judge granted her wishes saying, "Because this widow bothers me, I will vindicate her or she will wear me out by her continual coming. But if you will fill your desire with your light of awareness and persist, then that which you are aware of, you will become. You are forever surrounding yourself with the true image of yourself and what you are, that only can you see, whether it be good, bad or indifferent.

Observe your reactions to life and you are observing the being you want to separate yourself from. And, as you begin to identify yourself with your chosen state, the separation takes place. But your assumption must be a maintained attitude and, if for a moment you lose the mood, recapture it. And if you lose it again, feel yourself back into the feeling until the mood becomes so natural your thinking from that mood is normal.

The great failure of most truth students is that they are perpetually constructing but deferring their occupancy. When entering your desired state, feel its presence surround you like an answered prayer. Then become so one with the state that your thoughts flow from it.


Persist in viewing your world from that state, and it will harden into fact. You and you alone determine the time for the state to externalize itself. If your mind is so disciplined that it cannot be turned or diverted, your heart's desire will be outpictured on your screen of space. But, if you believe in any secondary power, your belief will cause its delay.

Your awareness is the power of the Word. It is divine, not divisional. Desire, claiming fulfillment now, wrestles as Jacob.

But when the fight is over desire, as Israel, is born. Divorce a mood and assume a new nature. Persist in your new relationship and you will bear its children as new phenomena appear to bear witness to your creative inner I AMness. Only if you lack "importunity" and constantly return to the mood you are attempting to divorce yourself from, will failure occur.

Desire is hidden identity.

What you want, you already have! But you must feel yourself right into the situation of the answered prayer, for only by believing that you already have it, will it appear.

Anyone who prays successfully is, himself, the springboard of action and the one who grants the prayer. There is no other being to grant it. The one who receives the answered prayer is the one who grants it through the act of rearranging the mind. Learn to rearrange your mind and, if you find yourself walking in the field of unanswered prayers, turn around and walk in the field mood of fulfillment.

And, remember, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The entire Book of Hebrews is devoted to faith: If desire is not mixed with faith, it is of no avail, for faith is the awareness of the reality of the desire's fulfillment.

You see, creation is finished, and we only become aware of increasing portions of it. The absence of faith would be to deny the reality of the state assumed. If you limit yourself to your physical senses which contradict everything you desire, then faith will be unknown to you.

But faith will make real that which is invisible. The being you would like to be, though invisible, will unveil itself and become visible for all to see when you walk in the faith of its reality. But if you have no desire, you are incapable of sinning.

The righteous man, however, being conscious of already having fulfilled his objective, cannot sin. In the Book of Daniel we are told to "Break off your sin by righteousness. In the Book of Genesis the story is told of Jacob's desire to increase his wealth. Lifting his eyes in a dream he beheld the spotted lambs, the ring-striped goats and cattle. Then he said, "I will hold onto my righteousness and not let it go. So shall my righteousness answer for me in time to come. Lift up your eyes with a controlled imagination and see what you want to see.

Believe in your vision and your faith will make it solid and real in your manifested world. While sitting in your chair, you can assume the state of consciousness you desire to possess even though your reason and outer senses deny its reality.

Then, as Jacob, you can say, "My righteousness shall answer for me in time to come. God the Father is not a man, but the dominant idea that you serve.

The enemies of that idea are those of your own household — your own thinking. Hold a dominant idea in your consciousness and, in a way you do not know your righteousness right thinking will cause the desired state to externalize itself in your world.

A Pharisee is one who conforms to all manmade laws; one who strictly observes the Levitical law of "outer purification. But seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. We confuse the word and seek righteousness as a thing, but the consciousness of being is the magnet that draws a thing to it.

Permeate your consciousness with the feeling of being the man or woman you want to be and your righteousness will bring it about. You cannot inherit Christianity, rather you adopt it. As you come into its inner conviction, you become cleaner and more noble.

Christ taught righteousness in his law of identical harvest saying, "As a man sows, so shall he reap. And, in like manner, as long as you remain sowing your present state of consciousness, you will continue to encounter similar events in your life.

Walk, conscious of the feeling that your wish is fulfilled, and you will never sin by missing the experience of fulfillment. But you cannot turn away and return to your former state. We are all the prodigal son who went astray. But we are told that when he came to his senses he turned around and entered his Father's house, at which time he was given the fatted calf, the robe, and the ring. When you observe who you are in consciousness and come to your senses by turning to your Father the state desired , it will be given unto you.

Watch your reactions to life and you will discover where you stand psychologically. If your reactions are unlovely, you are walking in the mud and mire, feeding the swine. But when you turn within to the Father of all life and enter the state you desire by assuming its fulfillment, your actions will be lovely. Persist and you will move out of the mud and mire and enter the kingdom of the wish fulfilled. There is no such thing as righteous indignation, for the wrath of man cannot work righteousness.

Nothing so unlovely as righteous indignation could be right consciousness! My goal is to be one who expands in consciousness, for I am a teacher and I must ever grow as a teacher. This is my aim and I must remember it morning, noon and night. I must persist in this state as it externalizes itself in my world. There is a story told of a little blind girl who had five brothers. The brothers, trusting their senses went out into the world and lost their way, while the little girl, unable to trust her senses wove a thread of gold.

Attaching one end to her finger, she tied the other to the sun and never lost her way. You, too, can learn to trust the light of consciousness by holding onto the thread that is your aim and not allowing yourself to become enmeshed in the evidence of your senses.

Remembering your desire, you will not get lost like the five brothers as you will not be concerned with what others are doing, but simply walk conscious of being the one you want to be. No power can keep you from your goal when you are conscious of already having attained it. You are told to, "Seek first the kingdom and its righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

Turn within and you will find the power to produce what nature and your outer senses deny. Test yourself by controlling your thoughts, by seeing only what you want to see and hearing only that which contributes to the realization that your world is as you want it to be. If you will keep controlling your world in your imagination until the one sensation crowds out all other ideas, your right consciousness will answer for you and your dream will become your reality.

But, if you don't feel fulfilled, you can easily be diverted and miss your mark. The Bible's teaching is one of rising higher and higher in consciousness until rebirth occurs. There is but one purpose in life, and that is to rise higher and higher on the vertical bar of the cross. Knowing the state you desire to express, walk as though you are now expressing it. She looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt which is a preservative. The moment you look back at your former state, you re-enter it, as all states exist, preserved in your imagination and ready for occupancy.

The kingdom of heaven is a higher state of awareness; a step above where you now stand, and each higher level is reached by a change of attitude for the better. There is not a problem that cannot be resolved by a change of consciousness. And that which requires a state of awareness to produce its effect can never be effected without that state.

It is the height of folly to expect security while being conscious of insecurity. On the other hand, you cannot be insecure if you walk conscious of being secure. You don't have to "pull strings" to get what you want, all you need do is walk in the consciousness of already having it. For an assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact. Don't try to be a better man but try to be better at something.

Most metaphysical students have no aim, claiming God knows best. But, I ask you, how can this be when you and God, your Father, are one? Human nature wants the thing to come first with belief to follow.

But I say, you must assume the consciousness of already having or being your desire before the sign that you have it can appear. Signs follow; they do not precede. Seek the conscious feeling of having already reached your goal, and the sign that you have achieved it will follow.

You don't get things and then become righteous; righteousness is right seeing. Always claim the level above the one you are now on by dying to your present level, for your Father's house has many mansions. Let go of your present mansion and reach for the one you seek! In the Book of Romans Paul urges us to: But you can't change your thinking until you change your ideas, for it is from ideas that you think. Remember, your level of awareness attracts life and is the sole cause of the phenomena you observe.

To be aware is to do the will of God whose name is I AM. Always being aware, what you are aware of is what you are. God speaks to you through the language of desire. When you wish to ascend, it is because God is speaking, calling upon you to surrender yourself to the feeling of already being what you want to be.

Let go of fear, limitation and doubt and subject yourself to the will of God. A mere assumption will lift you up to the level upon which your ideal is identified, and you will begin to see your world differently. This is where self-observation comes in. You do not observe the outer world, but your reactions to it. When another displeases or offends you, look within to the "I" who heard with displeasure and is expressing it.

It is difficult to believe, I know, but you alone are the cause of your displeasure. A lady I know thought her employer was a monster and impossible to please. She had formed an opinion of him and that invisible and inaudible opinion spoke to her all day long, causing her boss to do what he did and say the words to cause her displeasure.

Being a gracious lady and willing to change her feeling of "I", she heard her boss praise her and she thanked him for his praise. The moment she found herself returning to the old role of criticizing him, she stopped the thought and put on the new record of praise, thanks and congratulations.

Within 24 hours, the new record externalized itself and, when she resigned a year later, her boss begged her to stay and told her that if she ever wanted to return, the door was always open to her. Your inward conversations are the breeding ground of all your future action. Morning, noon and night you are carrying on internal arguments. When you catch yourself, break the habit by consciously creating new thoughts; thereby making a new record to externalize itself in your future.

God's will is I AM. His will is always being done, for it is the power which resurrects and makes alive. There is no transforming power in time, only transformation of the moment.

If you are having difficulty with another, look into self, for it is the "I" called you who is speaking to you as a thought. Listen carefully to what you are saying to yourself and you will discover where the difficulty lies. Let me now define "self' or "soul. You may consent to the belief that you have been mistreated; that you are dumb, or they, in their cruelty, are causing your displeasure.

If you do, your consent forms your level of being and attracts your life, be it good, bad or indifferent. Your soul cannot be changed by joining churches, synagogues or groups. You must turn to self, the inner "I" you know so well, as it is he who attracts those who mistreat you and determines every little detail of your outer experience.

If you have a secret affection for your conflicts, you cannot be helped. But, when you consent to be otherwise, then you can change. Subject yourself to the will of God by first knowing your ideal, then yielding to it by doing in your imagination what you would do physically if your desire were realized. Once this is clearly defined, repeat the act over and over again until you feel affected by it and its fulfillment possesses your mind.

When the idea is so firmly entrenched and your thoughts flow freely from it watch, for you will have a change in your external world. Become pure in heart by purging your mind from the belief in powers outside of yourself. Then, believing that consciousness is the only reality, weave yourself into a new state of awareness. For your world is your house, your state of consciousness externalized. Clean house by observing your thoughts. When you first begin to do this, you will discover most of your thoughts are unlovely.

But, as you learn to passively think of people you dislike, your thoughts will lose their unloveliness and, with a mind filled with joy and thanksgiving you will ascend Jacob's ladder of self into the kingdom of love.

When you have carefully defined your desire, completely and utterly yield to it. Then try to remain faithful to the new idea you have entered. In the beginning you may not succeed, but don't condemn yourself. Simply return as many times as necessary until the feeling becomes so strong, your thoughts habitually flow from the new state. This teaching is not for the weak. It is not for those who seek escape from life or want to point their finger of blame at another.

To find the Christ in you who is your hope of glory, you must be willing to test yourself. I tell you, he is your "I" who calls all men and manifestations to you. Life is easier when you can blame another but I urge you to pray, not for an easy life but to become a stronger man.

The one who is bearing witness to your thoughts is the cause of your misfortune, not the other fellow. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind and you will prove the good and acceptable word of God.

Would it be acceptable to you to be lifted on high? That is the will of God which will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of your mind. You are doing God's will when you identify yourself with your desire. And, if you believe your claim, you are righteous and your world will outpicture your righteousness.

But if you do not believe you will miss your mark and die in your sins. The only escape from the life you now lead is by a radical psychological transformation of self.

This is done by defining your "I" with your desire, then changing your thoughts until their effect possesses your mind and your "I" resides comfortably in the new state. Remember, your level of being attracts life, and unless the level changes your history remains the same. Let your present level die by subjecting your entire being to a level beyond it. Try it. It really is not difficult to do.

Remove the hold that past wrong emotional reactions have upon you by reviewing the experiences and changing them.

This is done by rewriting the experience in your mind and saying what you should have said and doing what you should have done at the time.

Power of Awareness: New Edition Incorporating Neville's Later Notes

Let this corrected picture slip back into the subconscious as you resolve not to make the same mistake again. By repetition of this technique, you will rid yourself of all feelings of hate, resentment and other emotional disturbances which cling to your memory. And, to the degree that you release yourself from these destructive feelings, you will free yourself from their power to attract ill health and wrong results for you. Relaxation of the body plus passivity of the mind and fixation of attention on the objective desire, equals fulfillment of the objective.

Anxiety has no creative power. In this school of educative darkness, consciousness whose origin is in eternity provides the power for your experiences in time. So test yourself, for in this teaching there is no room for failure.

Because the man who rests in the Lord is transformed into the image in which he rests. If my aim is to be a good teacher and I rest in that feeling, I will be transformed into that image. Unfortunately, most of the states in which men rest are negative. Feeling insecure, you will rest in the conviction that the world owes you a living. Feeling hurt, it is easy to rest in that grievance until your mood becomes natural. You may condemn the state and believe others to be its cause but, through your feelings of being hurt, you will be transformed into the very image of the state you condemn.

And if someone seems to cause you displeasure, remember, there is no other. The state in which you rest is causing you to listen to silent and invisible conversations. Although the words are heard by you and you alone, they act as magnets and draw to you the circumstances of your life. As a teacher, I demand results. As a student, I urge you to test this truth, for if it is true it will prove itself in the testing.

In the 25th Chapter of the Book of Matthew the parable is told of the servants who were given talents by their master. One was given five talents which he increased to ten. Another, two talents were given which were increased to four. And when the third received his one talent he buried it, thereby never allowing it to increase.

When the master returned, he rejoiced at the increase he was shown by the first two. But he took from the one who had placed his talent in hiding and gave it to the one who had ten, saying, "To everyone who has, more will be given and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even that which he has will be taken away. Practiced daily, your power of awareness will grow. If you are a hearer only, your knowledge, not used, will soon wither away and atrophy.

Test yourself every day. Leave the other fellow alone and turn to self, for the promise is, "According to your work will it be done unto " The man who overcomes himself, rises to a higher level of being. Uncritically observe your reactions to life, then work on yourself by practicing this psychologically.

Only by working on self can you rise to a higher level. But you cannot do it with a negative emotion; it must be a positive one. We are told to "Lift up your eyes unto the hills from whence cometh your help. If you listen to your thoughts, stop their negative flow and change them so that you are hearing what you want to hear, you will feel a positive emotion of relief which is followed by a stillness that brings with it the knowledge that your prayer has been answered.

Now, as the title of this lesson implies, we are urged to be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving ourselves. In the Book of James, a hearer is defined as like a man who observes his natural face in the mirror, then turns and forgets what he looks like; whereas the doer is one who looks into the perfect law of liberty, perseveres, and is blessed in all that he does. How do you go about looking into the mirror of the mind and being pleased with what you see?

By looking into the face of your wife, husband, parent or friend. Close your eyes, relax and think of a friend who would rejoice in your good fortune. Tell him your good news and watch the expression of joy appear on his imagined face. His expression will liberate you, as his knowing has set you free to express your desire. Having looked into the perfect law of liberty, persevere and you will be blessed in the doing. In the Book of Matthew the law is stated thus: The Bible records what you do within yourself, telling you that the conversations carried on internally are the breeding grounds of your future actions.

Forever carrying on mental conversations with imaginary beings, become aware of your thoughts. Be selective and make your inner conversations positive, for the mechanical imagination is asleep and negative, while the awakened imagination is positive and noble. Tonight, single out someone you love and rearrange your opinion of him. Carry on mental conversations with him based upon this new premise and you are a doer of the word.

If you don't, you are a hearer only, deceiving yourself. This teaching is to awaken you to the active, dynamic being that you really are.

Asleep, your thoughts are negative and passive and cannot change until you uncritically observe your reactions to life If you are honest with yourself, you will find an internal being you are not proud of, a monster that needs taming. Tame that monster by filling your mind with positive thoughts of joy and fulfillment, and you will turn that monster into a being of love. Get into the habit of observing your reactions to life. Give yourself your daily bread by giving yourself the ability to no longer react negatively.

Become a doer by recognizing a negative thought, then breaking it and going immediately to a positive one. All of your grievances, your hurts, self- pity and belief that others are the cause of your sorrow are animals which need to be sacrificed on the altar of consciousness. Letting all negative feelings go, select the mansion state you desire to enter and go in.

The law which brings poverty into being also brings wealth. Let the weak man say, "I am strong," and the poor man say, "I am rich," for only that which you affirm within yourself can be outpictured. Feel yourself into the state of poverty, and poverty is outpictured. Feel yourself into the state of security by saying, "I am secure," and security will result.

But if you do not feel yourself into the state desired, you will be forever free of its results, as that which requires a state of consciousness to produce its effect will never be effected without such change in consciousness.

You must feel yourself right into the situation of your answered prayer, then live and act in that conviction. If you don't, you will never know the results of that state. Your fortune or misfortune was brought into being by your state of consciousness. There is no other cause. Have the courage to accept this and then become a doer and, in so doing be blessed in your every deed.

Start now to become conscious of what you hear yourself say to yourself and stop receiving those impressions mechanically and unconsciously. What you hear must be filtered through what you are. And what you are is what you hear. Kind thoughts stem from kind ideas created by a kind person; therefore, be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other.

Now, an assumption is called the crown of the mysteries and every assumption is made by you alone. The world you see depends, not so much on what is there, as on the assumption you make when you look at it.

The talent entrusted to you is your power of conscious assumption. Don't bury it! Asleep to this knowledge, your reactions to the day are mechanical, negating everything you see and hear. Become conscious of what you are doing and saying to yourself, and rise in consciousness by controlling your thoughts and making them positive, kind, loving and fulfilling ones!

That pearl is imminent. It is nearer than near and sooner than now, for the pearl of great price is your own wonderful human imagination. You have always possessed this mind but, like every possession, unless you know it is yours and are willing to use it, it is non-existent to you. Believe me, everything in your world was first conceived in your imagination. The house you live in, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, as well as your friends, your loved ones, your enemies and the strangers on the street were imagined before externalized.

Now it is time to control your human imagination and govern it by love. I urge you to awaken to the discovery that everything you seek in time is contained within you. There is only one mind with unnumbered levels of awareness. Your level determines where you are and what you are, for what you think, you are. This mind is not something detached from you but your own lovely imagination, the body of the Father and the only redemptive power in the universe.

It can save you from your present state or bind you to it. Christ is defined in scripture as the power of God and the wisdom of n you as your hope of glory. All things are made by this power without it is not anything made that is made, for Christ, who is your own wonderful human imagination, is yourself! Looking with the human eye, you see a world outside and seemingly independent of your perception.

But when you view the world through the "I" of imagination, you understand its meaning. Turn within and test yourself and you will discover that you are your own savior. Then you will begin to assert the supremacy of your human imagination. You will cease to bow before the dictates of the world without and start to put your dreams into effect.

A tamed man is one who is self-disciplined. Tame yourself by observing yourself. Are you wasting your strength in negative emotions?

If so, then discipline yourself out of the muck and mire you have been living in and rise, with your disciples, into a state of joy and the body of love. Do this, and you will have found the pearl of great price. In this world, you appear to be a man or woman of flesh and blood. Your father, mother, sisters and brothers are known. But I tell you, you are far greater than the greatest man on earth, for you are Jesus Christ.

Imaginative love is sleeping in your body of flesh. Awaken the love that you are by claiming that your mind is Christ. Claim your pearl of great price, for it is the key that will unlock the treasure house of heaven.

With your mind as Christ, you will discover that you are no longer capable of thinking unlovely, negative thoughts and will have no desire to retaliate. The Bible is your biography, for you are Jesus, the great Jehovah of the Old Testament who finds fulfillment in the New. Using the mind of man, you are asleep. It is time to awaken, to cast off the mind of man who says, "I can," "I was," or "I will be," and assert your divine inheritance which is the mind of God who says, "I AM.

This world is like a machine where its actions and reactions are automatic. Separate yourself from this machine-like mind and use your wonderful human imagination to rise to higher and higher levels of your own being.

If you do not like the events of your life, change them by controlling your imagination. When you know what you want, ask yourself where you would sleep if you had it. What would your world look like?

Would a friend be happy for you? With the answers to your questions filling your mind, fall asleep in your desired place. View the world from that vantage point and hear your friend rejoice now that your desire is a physical fact. Then believe in Christ — the power to put all things under your subjection- and it will be done unto you. Remember, there is no such thing as a powerful fate to which you must bow, nor do you have to accept life on the basis of the world without.

Turn to self. Claim your pearl of great price and remember: An aim for yourself? If you do, start now to lift yourself to its level by the act of self- remembering. Do not try to be a better man or woman, but transcend your present level of being by being better AT something. Your goal should be so important that you cannot forget it and your hunger for its externalization so intense that you cannot and will not let the thought go until it is embodied in flesh.

Scripture tells us, "Many are called, but few are chosen. Unnumbered emotions and thoughts are yours to call forth but, because of the aim with which you desire to be identified, only a few emotions and thoughts are chosen. Begin to rise within yourself by letting go of your former beliefs and restrictions. Choose the thoughts and emotions you desire to express and enter your desire through the act of feeling.

In the 11th Chapter of Mark, two disciples were told to "Go into the village where you will find a colt tied at the crossroad upon which no one has sat. Loose him and bring him to me. If anyone says, 'Why are you doing this? Desiring to express a new emotion, you may find it difficult to ride. But you will always find your emotions tied at the crossroads of life. If you have never felt secure before, you may not be able to ride the animal emotion of security for more than a few seconds at a time.

But the important thing is to try, for controlled imagination can ride any emotion into the city of Peace; the embodiment of the ideal state. An emotion is right or wrong relative to a desire. If you feel uneasy as you commit yourself to your desire, you are walking in the wrong direction and will never reach it.

But if the feeling is natural right , and you persist in your assumption, it will become a fact. At times, even when your aim feels natural, you may allow doubts to creep in and move away from your goal. When this happens, don't condemn yourself, simply get back on that emotion and ride it again, for the beast is unbridled and must be ridden until you and it become one.

Acknowledge the feeling of importance, of security, or of being dignified, within yourself, for your consciousness is reality. What you are conscious of being right now, you are. If you desire to be other than what you are remember, the state desired is just as real as the one you are conscious of now.

Enter the new state by becoming conscious of being it. Find the feeling of the new state and ride it into Jerusalem. Scripture calls upon man to remember himself by associating himself with his aim and walking in its direction. Only as you discipline yourself can you embody your aim. In his 11th Chapter Mark makes this statement, "Whatever you desire, believe that you have received it and you will. And whenever you stand praying, forgive. By finding the quality you thought to be in another and removing it from yourself.

Then place the feeling you desire to express in its place. When this has been done, you have risen right into the state of your answered prayer.

Now, prayer is conditioned upon the belief that it is already answered. Desire is your springboard. Standing upon your desired state, you may discover that the board wobbles or the ground sways beneath your feet. But if you persist in being conscious of having attained your desire, even though your reason and outer senses deny it, what you are conscious of will become your reality.

Tonight, form a lovely aim for yourself and feel its fulfillment. Associate yourself with that feeling by becoming conscious of it. When you can call up at will whatsoever image you please, when the forms of your imagination are as vivid to you as the forms of nature, you are master of your fate.

Everything in life must be an investment. From the fourth dimension of space And on through the universe boundless, Our thoughts go lightning shod. Some call it imagination, And others call it God. Neville follows this with the date April 12, [19] In Awakened Imagination he would write, "On the morning of April 12, , my wife was awakened by the sound of a great voice of authority speaking within her and saying, 'You must stop spending your thoughts, time, and money.

To invest is to lay out for a purpose from which a profit is expected. This revelation of my wife is about the importance of the moment. It is about the transformation of the moment It is only what is done now that counts Whenever we assume the feeling of being what we want to be, we are investing. James Attention is forceful in proportion to the narrowness of its focus, that is, when it is obsessed with a single idea or sensation.

It is steadied and powerfully focused only by such an adjustment of the mind as permits you to see one thing only, for you steady the attention and increase its power by confining it. The desire which realizes itself is always a desire upon which attention is exclusively concentrated, for an idea is endowed with power only in proportion, to the degree of attention fixed on it.

The attentive attitude involves selection, for when you pay attention, it signifies that you have decided to focus your attention on one object or state rather than on another. Therefore, when you know what you want, you must deliberately focus your attention on the feeling of your wish fulfilled until that feeling fills the mind and crowds all other ideas out of consciousness. The power of attention is the measure of your inner force.

Concentrated observation of one thing shuts out other things and causes them to disappear. The great secret of success is to focus the attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled without permitting any distraction. All progress depends upon an increase of attention. The ideas which impel you to action are those which dominate the consciousness, those which possess the attention. This means you, this one thing you can do, "forgetting those things that are behind.

To the unenlightened man this will seem to be all fantasy, yet all progress comes from those who do not take the accepted view, nor accept the world as it is. As was stated heretofore, if you can imagine what you please, and if the forms of your thought are as vivid as the forms of nature, you are by virtue of the power of your imagination master of your fate.

Your imagination is you yourself, and the world as your imagination sees it is the real world. When you set out to master the movements of attention, which must be done if you would successfully alter the course of observed events, it is then you realize how little control you exercise over your imagination and how much it is dominated by sensory impressions and by a drifting on the tides of idle moods.

To aid in mastering the control of your attention, practice this exercise: Night after night, just before you drift off to sleep, strive to hold your attention on the activities of the day in reverse order. Focus your attention on the last thing you did, that is, getting in to bed, and then move it backward in time over the events until you reach the first event of the day, getting out of bed. This is no easy exercise, but just as specific exercises greatly help in developing specific muscles, this will greatly help in developing the "muscle" of your attention.

Your attention must be developed, controlled, and concentrated in order to change your concept of yourself successfully and thereby change your future. If you persist night after night, sooner or later you will awaken in yourself a centre of power and become conscious of your greater self, the real you. Attention is developed by repeated exercise or habit. Through habit an action becomes easier, and so in course of time gives rise to a facility or faculty, which can then be put to higher uses.

When you attain control of the internal direction of your attention, you will no longer stand in shallow water but will launch out into the deep of life. You will walk in the assumption of the wish fulfilled as on a foundation more solid even than earth. Since what we believe to be the "real" physical world is actually only an "assumptive" world, it is not surprising that these experiments prove that what appears to be solid reality is actually the result of "expectations" or "assumptions.

Over a century ago this truth was stated by Emerson as follows: As the world was plastic and fluid in the hands of God, so it is ever to so much of his attributes as we bring to it. To ignorance and sin, it is flint. They adapt themselves to it as they may, but in proportion as a man has anything in him divine, the firmament flows before him and takes his signet and form.

Your assumption is the hand of God moulding the firmament into the image of that which you assume.

The assumption of the wish fulfilled is the high tide which lifts you easily off the bar of the senses where you have so long lain stranded. It lifts the mind into prophecy in the full right sense of the word; and if you have that controlled imagination and absorbed attention which it is possible to attain, you may be sure that all your assumption implies will come to pass.

When William Blake wrote, What seems to be, is, to those to whom it seems to be he was only repeating the eternal truth, there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean. It is not superior insight but ignorance of this law of assumption if you read into the greatness of men some littleness with which you may be familiar or into some situation or circumstance an unfavorable conviction.

Your particular relationship to another influences your assumption with respect to that other and makes you see in him that which you do see.

If you can change your opinion of another, then what you now believe of him cannot be absolutely true but is only relatively true. The following is an actual case history illustrating how the law of assumption works: One day a costume designer described to me her difficulties in working with a prominent theatrical producer.

She was convinced that he unjustly criticized and rejected her best work and that often he was deliberately rude and unfair to her. Upon hearing her story, I explained that if she found the other rude and unfair, it was a sure sign that she, herself, was wanting and that it was not the producer, but herself that was in need of a new attitude.

I told her that the power of this law of assumption and its practical application could be discovered only through experience, and that only by assuming that the situation was already what she wanted it to be could she prove that she could bring about the change desired. Her employer was merely bearing witness, telling her by his behavior what her concept of him was. I suggested that it was quite probable that she was carrying on conversations with him in her mind which were filled with criticism and recriminations.

There was no doubt but that she was mentally arguing with the producer, for others only echo that which we whisper to them in secret. I asked her if it was not true that she talked to him mentally, and, if so, what those conversations were like. The intensity and force of her mental arguments with him automatically established his behavior towards her. She began to realize that all of us carry on mental conversations, but, unfortunately, on most occasions these conversations are argumentative When she realized what she had been doing, she agreed to change her attitude and to live this law faithfully by assuming that her job was highly satisfactory and her relationship with the producer was a very happy one.

To do this, she agreed that before going to sleep at night, on her way to work, and at other intervals during the day she would imagine that he had congratulated her on her fine designs and that she, in turn, had thanked him for his praise and kindness.

To her great delight she soon discovered for herself that her own attitude was the cause of all that befell her. The behavior of her employer miraculously reversed itself. His attitude, echoing, as it had always done, that which she had assumed, now reflected her changed concept of him. What she did was by the power of her imagination. Her persistent assumption influenced his behavior and determined his attitude toward her.

With the passport of desire on the wings of a controlled imagination she travelled into the future of her own predetermined experience. Thus we see it is not facts, but that which we create in our imagination, which shapes our lives, for most of the conflicts of the day are due to the want of a little imagination to cast the beam out of our own eye.

It is the exact and literal-minded who live in a fictitious world. As this designer, by her controlled imagination, started the subtle change in her employer's mind, so can we, by the control of our own imagination and wisely directed feeling, solve our problems. By the intensity of her imagination and feeling, the designer cast a kind of enchantment on her producer's mind and caused him to think that his generous praise originated with him.

Often our most elaborate and original thoughts are determined by another. We should never be certain that it was not some woman treading in the wine press who began that subtle change in men's mind, or that the passion did not begin in the mind of some shepherd boy, lighting up his eyes for a moment before it ran upon its way.

Resist not evil. When you resist evil, you give it your attention, you continue to make it real. When you renounce evil, you take your attention from it and give your attention to what you want. Now is the time to control your imagination and Give beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that He might be glorified. You give beauty for ashes when you concentrate your attention on things as you would like them to be rather than on things as they are.

You give joy for mourning when you maintain a joyous attitude regardless of unfavorable circumstances. You give praise for the spirit of heaviness when you maintain a confident attitude instead of succumbing to despondency. In this quotation the Bible uses the word tree as a synonym for man.

You become a tree of righteousness when the above mental states are a permanent part of your consciousness. You are a planting of the Lord when all your thoughts are true thoughts.

I AM is glorified when your highest concept of yourself is manifested. When you have discovered your own controlled imagination to be your saviour, your attitude will be completely altered without any diminution of religious feeling, and you will say of your controlled imagination Behold this vine.

I found it a wild tree, whose wanton strength had swollen into irregular twigs. But I pruned the plant and it grew temperate in its vain expense of useless leaves, and knotted as you see into these clean full clusters to repay the hand that wisely wounded it. By vine is meant your imagination, which, in its uncontrolled state, expends its energy in useless or destructive thoughts and feelings. But you, just as the vine is pruned by cutting away its useless branches and roots, prune your imagination by withdrawing your attention from all unlovely and destructive ideas and concentrating on the ideal you wish to attain.

The happier, more noble life you will experience will be the result of wisely pruning your own imagination. Yes, be pruned of all unlovely thoughts and feelings that you may think truly, and thy thoughts shall the world's famine feed; Speak truly, and each word of thine shall be a fruitful seed; Live truly, and thy life shall be a great and noble creed. John Thrust in thy sickle, and reap; for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.

Do not go seeking for that which you are. Appropriate it, claim it, assume it. Everything depends upon your concept of yourself. That which you do not claim as true of yourself cannot be realized by you. The promise is Whosoever hath, to him it shall be given, and he shall have more abundance; but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that which he seemeth to have. Hold fast, in your imagination, to all that is lovely and of good report, for the lovely and the good are essential in your life if it is to be worthwhile.

Assume it. You do this by imagining that you already are what you want to be and already have what you want to have. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Be still and know that you are that which you desire to be, and you will never have to search for it. In spite of your appearance of freedom of action, you obey, as everything else does, the law of assumption.

Whatever you may think of the question of free will, the truth is your experiences throughout your life are determined by your assumptions whether conscious or unconscious. An assumption builds a bridge of incidents that lead inevitably to the fulfilment of itself. Man believes the future to be the natural development of the past. But the law of assumption clearly shows that this is not the case.

Your assumption places you psychologically where you are not preparing Your Place physically; then your senses pull you back from where you were psychologically to where you are physically. It is these psychological forward motions that produce your physical forward motions in time. Precognition permeates all the scriptures of the world. In my Father's house are many mansions; If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself: that where I am, there ye may be also And now I have told you before it came to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.

John , 3, 29 The "I" in this quotation is your imagination which goes into the future, into one of the many mansions. Mansion is the state desired You go and prepare a place for yourself by imagining yourself into the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

Then, you speed from this state of the wish fulfilled where you have not been physically back to where you were physically a moment ago. Then, with an irresistible forward movement, you move forward across a series of events to the physical realization of your wish, that where you have been in imagination, there you will be in the flesh also.

Unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again. Creativeness is only a deeper receptiveness, for the entire contents of all time and all space, while experienced in a time sequence, actually coexist in an infinite and eternal now.

In other words, all that you ever have been or ever will be in fact, all that mankind ever was or ever will be exists now. This is what is meant by creation, and the statement that creation is finished means nothing is ever to be created, it is only to be manifested. What is called creativeness is only becoming aware of what already is. You simply become aware of increasing portions of that which already exists. The fact that you can never be anything that you are not already or experience anything not already existing explains the experience of having an acute feeling of having heard before what is being said, or having met before the person being met for the first time, or having seen before a place or thing being seen for the first time.

The whole of creation exists in you, and it is your destiny to become increasingly aware of its infinite wonders and to experience ever greater and grander portions of it. If creation is finished, and all events are taking place now, the question that springs naturally to the mind is "what determines your time track?

And the answer is your concept of yourself. Concepts determine the route that attention follows. Here is a good test to prove this fact. Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows. You will observe that as long as you remain faithful to your assumption, so long will your attention be confronted with images clearly related to that assumption.

For example; if you assume that you have a wonderful business, you will notice how in your imagination your attention is focused on incident after incident relating to that assumption.

Friends congratulate you, tell you how lucky you are. Others are envious and critical. From there your attention goes to larger offices, bigger bank balances, and many other similarly related events. Persistence in this assumption will result in actually experiencing in fact that which you assumed. The same is true regarding any concept. If your concept of yourself is that you are a failure, you would encounter in your imagination a whole series of incidents in conformance to that concept.

Thus it is clearly seen how you, by your concept of yourself, determine your present, that is, the particular portion of creation which you now experience, and your future, that is, the particular portion of creation which you will experience.

Therefore, you possess the power of intervention, the power which enables you to alter the course of your future. The process of rising from your present concept to a higher concept of yourself is the means of all true progress. The higher concept is waiting for you to incarnate it in the world of experience. Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto him be glory.

Understanding imagination to be HIM that is able to do all that you ask, and attention to be the power by which you create your world, you can now build your ideal world. Imagine yourself to be the ideal you dream of and desire.

See a Problem?

Remain attentive to this imagined state, and as fast as you completely feel that you are already this ideal it will manifest itself as reality in your world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him and the world knew him not.

The mystery hid from the ages; Christ in you, the hope of glory. The "He," in the first of these quotations, is your imagination. As previously explained, there is only one substance.

This substance is consciousness. It is your imagination which forms this substance into concepts, which concepts are then manifested as conditions, circumstances, and physical objects.

Thus imagination made your world. This supreme truth with but few exceptions man is not conscious of. The mystery, Christ in you, referred to in the second quotation, is your imagination, by which your world is molded.

The hope of glory is your awareness of the ability to rise perpetually to higher levels. Christ is not to be found in history nor in external forms.

You find Christ only when you become aware of the fact that your imagination is the only redemptive power. When this is discovered, the "towers of dogma will have heard the trumpets of Truth, and, like the walls of Jericho, crumble to dust. All progress, all fulfilment of desire, depend upon the control and concentration of your attention. Attention may be either attracted from without or directed from within. Attention is attracted from without when you are consciously occupied with the external impressions of the immediate present.

The very lines of this page are attracting your attention from without. Your attention is directed from within when you deliberately choose what you will be preoccupied with mentally.

It is obvious that in the objective world your attention is not only attracted by but is constantly directed to external impressions. But, your control in the subjective state is almost nonexistent, for in this state attention is usually the servant and not the master the passenger and not the navigator of your world.

There is an enormous difference between attention directed objectively and attention directed subjectively, and the capacity to change your future depends on the latter. When you are able to control the movements of your attention in the subjective world, you can modify or alter your life as you please. But this control cannot be achieved if you allow your attention to be attracted constantly from without. Each day, set yourself the task of deliberately withdrawing your attention from the objective world and of focusing it subjectively.

In other words, concentrate on those thoughts or moods which you deliberately determine. Then those things that now restrict you will fade and drop away. The day you achieve control of the movements of your attention in the subjective world, you are master of your fate. You will no longer accept the dominance of outside conditions or circumstances. You will not accept life on the basis of the world without.

Having achieved control of the movements of your attention, and having discovered the mystery hid from the ages, that Christ in you is your imagination, you will assert the supremacy oi imagination and put all things in subjection to it.

The outer, physical events of life are the fruit of forgotten blossom-times results of previous and usually forgotten states of consciousness.Become a doer by recognizing a negative thought, then breaking it and going immediately to a positive one.

Turn your attention to your desire's fulfillment and clothe it in the skins of objective reality. The outer man called the earth is dark while the inner man called heaven is the being who was in the beginning with God and was God but is sound asleep. Ideas are impressed on the subconscious through the medium of feeling.

As the swift seasons roll! You, assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled and continuing therein, take upon yourself the results of that state; not assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled, you are ever free of the results. The great secret of success is to focus the attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled without permitting any distraction. Believe me, everything in your world was first conceived in your imagination.