TABLE OF CONTENTES. HESI Study Packet. Introduction. HESI Test Overview ( Math, Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary,. Grammar). Math (face sheets. You really can. The best way to prepare for the HESI exam is to use study tools like our free study guide for the HESI exam or take one of our practice tests. Menu Free Practice Questions Practice Test Study Guide Math Workbook Order PDF Download Version - $ PDF Download Version of Printed Version.

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are a study guide of their own— helping you under- . The HESI A2 test is often required as an entrance exam- This guide will help you prep for the basic. The HESI Exam is not a single exam but a series of exams. The HESI exams are used primarily by Nursing Schools as either an admissions assessment tool. HESI Study Guide Many nursing programs will require prospective students to take a HESI Admissions Assessment (A2) Entrance Exam. For most schools, the .

Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar.

The four subject exams are: Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The subject exams are typically required if your Nursing program has one or more of these subjects as a pre-requisite. The last two exams are intended to identify a student's learning style. Nursing programs can pick and choose which of the exams that they offer, depending on their own admissions criteria.

The specific areas tested include:. Programs can choose to utilize any combination of the exams to evaluate a student's readiness for their school.

Most nursing programs will test an applicant on the Math, Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar tests as a way to evaluate a student's readiness. Some schools will require absolute minimum scores, while other schools will look at the score in relation to other admissions criteria e.

Some schools will judge your scores in relation to other students vying for a spot in an upcoming term i.

Effective HESI study techniques include:. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you have good test taking skills.

Having good test taking skills allows you to still have a chance at getting the correct answer without knowing the material. Good test taking skills also allow you to have a lot more time when taking the test and insure that you will not run out of time. One way you can study is by reviewing the most basic content.

By reviewing the most basic content you are insuring that you will get some answers right on the HESI exam.

Conversion Rounding Reading Comprehension face sheets face sheet precedes each section pages are bold, underlined; answers follow each section How to answer reading comprehension questions and sharpen your reading skills without really trying Sample reading test Reading Vocabulary face sheets face sheet precedes each section pages are bold, underlined; answers follow each section 1.

Test 5 everyday 2.

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Exams 7, everyday 3. Spelling everyday 4. Multiple Choice Quiz medical terminology Chapter One- Four, Twenty-One List of medical terminology four study only Grammar face sheets face sheet precedes each section- pages are bold, underlined; answers follow each section 1.

Exercise Two: Problems with Verbs Part 2 3. Exercise Three: Problems with Verbs part 3 4. Exercise Fifteen: Problems with Parallel Structure 6.

Exercise Eighteen: Problems with Structure Answer keys for above grammar section 7. Lesson 5: Sentence Structure: Dangling Modifiers 8.

HESI A2 Entrance Exam Overview

Lesson 5: Sentence Structure: Parallel Structure Answer keys for above grammar section 9. Plurals: Ex 2, 3, 4, 5 Verbs: Ex 12, 13 Answer keys for above grammar section Verbs: Subjects — Verbs Agreement lesson 12, Exercise 19 Answer key for the above grammar section 11 Add, subtract 2.

Add, subtract: decimals, whole numbers to decimals 3. Ratio; change fractions to ratio 4.

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Change decimal to percent 5. Multiply decimals 6. Divide by decimals 7. Rounding 8. Change fractions to decimals 9. Divide by fractions Reduce Add fractions with unlike denominators Divide fractions by whole numbers Need a good vocabulary to answer questions 2.Change fractions to decimals 9.

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Parallelism c. Physiology needs will always be your first choice when answering a question with the exception of Psychological questions. One of the most important things you can do on the HESI exam is read the questions and analyze it.

Your self-discipline, commitment to working hard and faith will help get you through this. The last two exams are intended to identify a student's learning style. What is stated vs.