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Attack on Titan, Volume 9 () READ ONLINE FREE book by Image Anime has been established since We are the ultimate source for Japanese. On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.” Over a century ago. PDF Attack On Titan Vol 19 Free Download | Download PDF attack on titan vol 10 hajime isayama Download attack on titan vol 9 in pdf or read attack on titan vol.

The season finale will air on the 30th of June.

Where is the anime in relation to the manga? Season 1 ended on Chapter 33 middle of Volume 8. Season 2 ended on Chapter 51 start of Volume Season 3 Part 1 ended on Chapter 72 middle of Volume Season 3 Part 2 will end at Chapter 90 Ending of Volume If you wish to read the manga, you can start at Chapter It is also recommended to read from Chapter 51 to see some details and character development cut from the anime.

Is there news on Season 4? According to the anime director , Season 4 will happen. We do not know when, and there are unverified rumours that a different studio will animate it. When are new manga chapters released?

December 31, [27].

Attack on Titan

Reiner and Bertholt fight off one that penetrated the tower, but Reiner gets bitten by one of the Titans. As the Beastly Titan summons more Titans, Ymir reveals to Krista that she too can transform into a Titan, and uses that to beat down the attackers. Eren, Mikasa and the others arrive to fight off the other Titans. Krista reveals her real name: Historia Reiss, an illegitimate child within the royal lineage. Reiner and Bertholt attempt to persuade Eren to join their cause, but when they reveal themselves to be the Armored and Colossus Titans, Eren flies into a rage and they all turn into Titans to fight each other.

January 28, [30]. Face to face with those responsible for the fall of Shinganshina, Eren transforms and fights Reiner the Armored Titan, while the Colossus Titan defends himself against the others. Using tactics he learned from sparring with Annie and some advice from Mikasa, he defeats the Armored Titan, but the Colossus Titan lands on him in an explosion. Ymir and Eren are captured. Five hours later, Mikasa and the others awake from the shock and rendezvous with Erwin and the others, who organize a party to chase after them.

The World that the Girl Saw

December 9, [31] December 6, [32] limited edition. April 29, [33]. Reiner and Bertolt convince Ymir to join their side, claiming that they can ensure both her and Krista's safety, but Eren remains intent on revenge against the two guys. While Ymir and Eren heal in the forest of Titans, their rescue party approaches. Ymir transforms and captures Krista. Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan and carries Ymir, Bertolt and Eren while the rescue party pursues them.

Amid the chaos of the battle, Eren finds himself against the same Titan who killed his mother. He discovers much to his surprise that he has the power to subdue other Titans to do his bidding, using it to enact revenge for his mother and drive away the kidnappers.

Eren and his friends then return home safely, but Ymir parts with Krista and allies with Reiner and Bertoldt. April 9, [34] April 3, [35] limited edition.

August 26, [36]. The Survey Corps take Eren and Krista, who now assumes her birth name, Historia Reiss, to a secluded place and make preparations for an eventual operation to reclaim Wall Maria. Furthermore, Hange tells the others what she knows and proposes the theory that all regular Titans were humans once, but after the transformation they became feral and unable to return to their original form, unlike Eren and the other intelligent Titans.

When Levi and his subordinates uncover a conspiracy to hinder their efforts led by none other than the royalty itself, Erwin and his supporters decide to stage a revolution to ensure that their plans to drive away the Titans from the walls can be executed without further interference. November 4, [39]. After learning that the current king is just a figurehead to Historia's father, Rod Reiss, who is the true ruler inside the walls, Erwin and the others decide to use her to overthrow the current monarchy and install her as queen.

To draw the attention of their enemies, Eren and Historia pose themselves as bait, but they are outsmarted and instead captured by Captain Kenny Ackerman, a former serial killer and old acquaintance of Levi.

Levi and the others then attempt to rescue their friends but Kenny and his special forces, who are equipped with special gear tailored to hunt down humans instead of Titans, appear to stop them.

March 17, [42]. Levi and the others escape from Kenny's troops, but Erwin is captured and sentenced to death. However, false rumors spread by his supporters about a breach on Wall Rose by the Titans expose the nobility's unwillingness to protect its own subjects, leading the army to revolt against them. Meanwhile, Eren's friends prepare to rescue him, who is restrained by Historia's father and the true monarch, Rod Reiss.

Rod forces Eren to bring forth the repressed memories from his last encounter with his father, revealing that in the occasion, he was forcibly transformed into a Titan and ate him. The Survey Corps confront the special forces to rescue Eren and Historia, while Rod attempts to convince his daughter to transform into a Titan herself and absorb Eren's powers by eating him.

Despite Eren's will to sacrifice himself in apology for her family's death at his father's hands, Historia refuses and Rod decides to do it in her place. However, Rod's new Titan form grows rogue into a massive size, larger than the Colossus Titan itself, and in a desperate move to save his friends from being crushed, Eren obtains a new power when he drinks from a mysterious flask.

The Survey Corps confronts Rod at the walls of Orvud District, ultimately winning when Historia takes advantage of an opening provided by Eren to slay her own father and uses such fact to herald herself as a heroine in order to bolster her authority as the new ruler within the walls.

Attack on Titan 01

Historia then is crowned queen, but she relinquishes all authority to the military and dedicates her life to providing aid to the orphans. Afterwards, Erwin and the others make preparations to launch a campaign to seal the breach on Shinganshina and reclaim Wall Maria when Eren remembers that Keith Shadis, the man who trained him and his friends when they joined the military was a friend of his father's and he decides to pay a visit to him in search for answers.

Meanwhile in Shinganshina, the Beastly Titan is seen in his human form, and commands Reiner and Bertholdt to stay with him and prepare an ambush on Eren and the others, certain that they will eventually appear there. Eren and his friends confront Shadis and hear what he knows about Eren's father and the night of his death. After that, the Survey Corps depart to Shinganshina, where Eren uses his new power to seal the hole made by the Colossus Titan five years prior as part of their plan to retake the city and Wall Maria from the Titans.

However, the Beast Titan launches an attack on them in sequence, assisted by Reiner and a legion of Titans under their control, putting the Corps in disarray, while Bertolt lays low, waiting for his time to strike.

Eren and his friends confront Reiner and defeat him using a new weapon, the "Thunder Spear", designed specifically to penetrate his armored Titan form. With his friend in trouble, Bertolt joins the battle; he transforms into the Colossus Titan to assist him, eliminating a large number of the Survey Corps in the process.

To break the enemy encirclement, Erwin launches a suicide attack with the remaining Survey Corps members in order to distract the Beast Titan and allow Levi to flank him and his forces. The Beast Titan's forces are defeated, but he manages to escape and Erwin is mortally wounded. Meanwhile, Armin distracts Bertolt long enough for Eren to defeat him, but his body is entirely burned by the Colossus Titan's steam in the process, while their friends defeat and capture Reiner.

April 18, [65]. Zeke, the Beast Titan, rescues Reiner and flees, while the survivors of the Survey Corps are forced to choose between saving Erwin or Armin, both on the brink of death, with a single dose of the Titan serum in their possession. Eren and Mikasa vouch to save Armin while Levi wishes to save Erwin; while Levi is given the choice of who to save, he decides to save Armin so that Erwin can finally rest in peace.

Armin devours Bertolt, in the process recovering his human form and inheriting the power of the Colossus Titan, while Erwin passes away. With Shinganshina secured, Eren and the others explore the basement of his old house and recover his father's diaries revealing that mankind beyond the walls has not disappeared as they were always led to believe by the royalty, but is thriving instead.

Grisha also reveals that all those within the walls are of a race known as Eldians, of whom most are the 'Subjects of Ymir' capable of transforming into Titans, and are oppressed outside the walls by a nation called Marley due to having once allegedly dominated the world using the Titans. Before coming to the walls Grisha had lived in Marley in a ghetto for Eldians and married a woman descended from the same Eldian royalty as the royal family within the walls, Dina Fritz. Together they tried to stage a rebellion against Marley, but they and their companions were betrayed by Grisha and Dina's son, Zeke.

August 1, [68]. After Zeke's betrayal, his parents and the rest of the revolutionaries were taken to Paradis Island, where the walls are situated, and Grisha was forced to watch Dina and the others being transformed into Pure Titans and sent away. Before he could suffer the same fate, he was saved by Eren Kruger, an undercover agent known as "Owl", who used his Titan powers to kill all the Marley forces.

After revealing that he received his powers thirteen years before, and will soon die because of them, Kruger passes them over to Grisha by having Grisha transform into a Titan and then eat him. Upon looking at Grisha's memories inside his mind, Eren discovers that the Titan who killed his mother was actually Dina, and that the same "Curse of Ymir" which would have killed Kruger applies to all people with the power of the Titans.

This means Eren has less than a decade to live.

Meanwhile, Historia receives a letter from Ymir, who reveals that she will soon be killed, and thanks Historia for having at least lived with her for a while. After disclosing all the information obtained from Grisha's documents to the public, the new government commands the effort to clear and reclaim Wall Maria from the Titans.

However, Eren realizes that he only managed to use the power of the Coordinate when he was in contact with Dina, a member of the royal family turned titan, and, fearing for Historia's safety, decides to keep that information to himself. The Survey Corps manages to expand their reach to the shores of Paradis Island, seeing and touching the sea for the first time. However, Eren affirms that they still have enemies remaining across the sea. December 19, [71]. With the help of Zeke, Reiner and other Warriors under their command, they manage to secure yet another victory.

However, they realize this time that other nations have been improving their forces to counter the Titans and that to ensure their military superiority, they must obtain the power of the Founding Titan held by Eren. However, it has been noted that all the ships sent to Paradis Island over the past four years have gone missing, preventing them from proceeding further. Meanwhile, a dispute has erupted among the young soldiers about who will inherit the Armored Titan power, with Gabi Braun and Falco Grice at the forefront of the dispute.

As this debate continues, Reiner reminisces about his youth, when he faced harsh training seeking to be selected to become a Warrior for the sake of his family, hoping that his service with Marley would make him a hero one day.

April 10, [74]. Zeke explains to the Warriors that Marley intends to once more attack Paradis and reclaim the Founding Titan. This time they will fight in open warfare with the support of the Tyburs, a family of Eldians who possess the War Hammer Titan and allied with Marley against their fellow Eldians during the ancient war between Eldia and Marley, earning them status as honorary Marleyans. One of the Tyburs, Willy, now secretly controls the Marleyan government.

Reiner recalls his past as a Warrior and the events that occurred during his mission in Paradis Island. He had been the worst-performing of the candidates and was considered unlikely to inherit a Titan, but to his surprise was selected as the Armored Titan. Upon arriving on Paradis Island, however, he discovered that one of his fellow candidates, Marcel Galliard, had sabotaged the selection so that his brother Porco would not be chosen, and thus Reiner was sent instead.

The Warriors considered retreating after Marcel was eaten by a Pure Titan which then became Ymir, who has since been eaten by Porco, granting him the power of the Jaw Titan , but Reiner forced them to continue out of fear, insisting that he would take on Marcel's role as leader. They destroyed Wall Maria and infiltrated the military, leading to the events of the four years prior.

Overcome by these memories, Reiner prepares to commit suicide but stops at the last moment. Willy Tybur organizes a festival to be held in the Eldian ghetto where he plans to rally the support of other world leaders in declaring war upon Paradis Island, all the while knowing he may be assassinated and intending to thereby become a martyr for this cause.

Just before the event is about to begin, Reiner is led to a secluded basement by Falco, where he meets Eren, disguised as a crippled Eldian soldier. July 3, [77]. Eren and Reiner have a tense conversation in which Eren confronts Reiner about his actions on Paradis Island, causing Reiner to undergo a mental breakdown and beg Eren to kill him.

Falco gradually realizes that Eren is from Paradis Island, not an old friend of Reiner's from Marley as he had claimed. Willy begins his speech, while Eren, Reiner and Falco listen from the basement. He recounts the secret history of the Paradis Eldians, explaining how their king had made a vow of peace with Marley. However, he concludes by revealing that the royal family's Founding Titan has been stolen by Eren Yeager, whom he claims will likely use this power to unleash the Titans within Paradis's walls and destroy the world; on these grounds, he declares war upon Paradis Island.

Eren then transforms into his Titan form and eats Willy before wreaking havoc upon the festival, massacring Marley's military command and many innocent civilians. Willy's sister reveals herself as the War Hammer Titan and nearly defeats Eren, only to be fought off by the soldiers of Paradis Island, who descend upon the festival.

The rest of Marley's Warriors arrive on the scene, and the forces of Paradis Island and Marley prepare for an all-out battle.


December 4, [80]. Reiner saves Falco's life using his Armored Titan powers, but is himself incapacitated. Eren is unable to eat the War Hammer Titan, as she encases herself in the same crystal that Annie had used. Armin arrives in his Colossus Titan form and destroys the Marleyan navy, while Levi is seemingly successful in killing Zeke by destroying the Beast Titan's nape with explosives.

An airship commanded by Hange approaches overhead, ready to pick up the soldiers. Eren grabs the Jaw Titan and uses his jaws to break the War Hammer Titan's crystallization, allowing him to eat Willy's sister.

Before Eren can eat Porco, Reiner awakens in a weakened form and rescues Porco. Eren chooses to escape onto the airship rather than fight Reiner. Gabi sneaks aboard the airship along with Falco and shoots Sasha, killing her, before both she and Falco are taken captive. They are shocked to see Zeke still alive and already aboard, having faked his death and willingly cooperated with Paradis Island against Marley.

The rest of the Paradis Island soldiers berate Eren over Sasha's death, revealing that this attack was forced to occur due to Eren acting independently of their plans, but Zeke points out that Eren has successfully achieved their common goal of uniting the Founding Titan and a Titan of royal blood.

While the forces of Paradis Island return home, flashbacks reveal how Paradis Island captured scouting ships sent by Marley over the previous four years and converted their crews into allies with the help of a disciple of Zeke named Yelena. April 2, [83]. In the past, Zeke arranges an alliance between Paradis and an Asian nation of which Mikasa is long-lost royalty.

Their leader, Hizuru Azumabito, tells Paradis of Zeke's plan for Historia to inherit the Beast Titan from him and bear royal children; Eren resists this, but Historia accepts. In the present, Eren is imprisoned upon returning to Paradis due to his disobedience in initiating the attack on Marley.

His erratic behavior alienates his friends and allies, who suspect him of having ulterior motives.

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Gabi and Falco escape from the prison they have been placed in, and Historia is revealed to be pregnant. Back in Marley, Reiner advocates for an immediate attack on Paradis. Gabi and Falco are taken in by Sasha's family, who do not realize that Gabi killed their daughter. They have adopted a young girl Sasha had previously saved from Titans, who realizes that the two children are Marleyans; although Gabi is troubled by these events and nearly attacks the girl, Falco manages to defuse the situation.

Hange, now commander of the Survey Corps, realizes that Yelena, apparently in cooperation with Zeke and Eren, has begun to influence some of her troops, who are resisting orders and sowing discord between the government and the public, creating a movement that rallies around Eren.

Zeke is kept in captivity and watched over by Levi. Mikasa and Armin resolve to visit Eren in order to discover the reasons for his actions. Before they can, the Commander-in-Chief of the Paradis military is assassinated and Eren escapes from captivity, secretly meeting up with his faction of rebels and setting out to find Zeke. Elsewhere, the Marleyan Warrior Pieck is seen infiltrating Paradis. August 6, [85]. Hange attempts to deal with the increasing number of soldiers defecting Eren's "Yeagerist" faction.

Sasha's family takes Gabi and Falco to dinner at a restaurant where Niccolo, a Marleyan prisoner of war and close friend of Sasha prior to her death, works. Hange and several of the Survey Corps have also come. Thinking Niccolo is loyal to Marley, Gabi reveals her identity to him and explains that she killed Sasha.

Enraged, Niccolo attempts to kill her, but Falco protects her. Both the Blouse family and the Survey Corps refuse to take vengeance. The Basement. Midnight Sun. The Nameless Soldiers. Perfect Game. The World They Saw. The Thunder Spears. War on Two Fronts. Mission Objectives. The Town Where Everything Began.

A Dream I Once Had. Ruler of The Walls. Outside The Walls of Orvud District. Dreams and Curses.

Welcome Party. Soul of A Heretic. Kenny The Ripper. Location of The Counterattack. Smoke Signal. Krista Lenz. Squad Levi. Strike, Throw, Submit. The Armored Titan. Utgard Castle. I'm Home.April 18, [65]. Eren arrives with the Yeagerists and has a discussion with Mikasa and Armin which quickly becomes strained as he rebukes his friends, claiming they lack free will — Armin because of the influence of Bertolt's memories and Mikasa due to her nature as an Ackerman.

But what really impressed me was how strong she was throughout the entirety of this volume. To break the enemy encirclement, Erwin launches a suicide attack with the remaining Survey Corps members in order to distract the Beast Titan and allow Levi to flank him and his forces. Namespaces Article Talk. Retrieved from " https: Declaration of War. Mikasa Ackerman, the corps' strongest fighter and best shot, is a calculating person.

Levi is forced to kill them all but recaptures Zeke, attaching a Thunder Spear to him which will kill him if he attempts to escape again.